Building new Fishing Rods from the ground up.

Pride in hand built non production rods. I have been building hand made custom rods since 1993.  I build anything from ultra light spinning rods, including fly rods, to heavy boat rods.  The options are so broad when building a custom rod.  You are not settling for what someone else thinks you need.  You are creating a rod that you know will fit you and your needs.


There are many choices of custom rod components..

From grips, reels seats, to guides there are so many options in designing a custom rod that fits you. I have been using Forecast components for years and recently ALPS components and highly recommend them for there performance and durability. In my opinion they set the industry standard. If you prefer any other brand over Forecast or ALPS components we will be happy to accommodate you.


Designing your Custom Fishing Rod

When you decide on a custom fishing rod it will be designed and built for you. It will fit your needs and be suited to the particular type of fishing that you wish to do. Picking the right blank, with the action you like, and the length that would be preferred by you is the first step. The reel seat and the grips are then chosen to your preference whether it be color or style.


We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our rods.

Our warranty covers the workmanship on guide wraps, reel seats and handles for normal wear and tear. The components and rod blanks are covered under the manufacture warranty. We will be happy to assist you if any of those issues arise.


Our customers seem to have bigger smiles!

Dave of DL Custom Fishing Rods has made me a believer. I had always purchased off the shelf rods, until recenly, when I decided to have my own personal drift rod custom made.

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Custom Fishing Rods


Experienced Repair Work


Don't throw away that old faviorite rod, bring it in, we can tell you if we can repair it.

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 I am proud to announce that I am an Approved Rod Builder for North Fork Composites!

Click on certificate to take you to North Fork Composites. 

 Thanks so much for helping me select and purchase all the items I needed to build my first rod.

You have been helpful, prompt and reliable, and you’ve been easily accessible for the many questions I’ve had while putting the rod together. It’s good to know that DL Custom Fishing Rods exists for when I want to build my next rod; your company has made the process very simple.


Josh Johnson


Thanks for making a quality product!

Dave, I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I'm enjoying the rod that I had you create for me. My Springer rod last year and the year before was alright, but I love bobber fishing for springers and wanted something that would make the whole experience both better and a little easier, as the rod I was using made the whole thing a bit of a chore. This hasn't been the banner Springer year I hoped for, but I can tell you that since getting the rod, I've noticed an incredible difference in the way that it performs. Flat out, it helps me put my bait where I want it to be with minimal effort and maximum accuracy. In bobber fishing presentation is often key, and getting my bait to the water I want with the least amount of effort is what I both asked for in this rod and what I have received. Thanks for making a quality product, I'll definitely go to DL Custom Rods again for my next purchase!!

-Luis Rivas

Dave put together an incredible rod for me!

After fishing many differant fly rods on the Deschutes River it was time to upgrade my old fly rod. When I met Dave with DL Custom Fishing Rods we quickly became good friends. When Dave told me he has been building rods for years it could have not been better timing. Dave sat down with me and explained the benefits to a custom rod and all the options I had from the type of blank to the reel seat, guides, and wrap colors. He went over all kinds of options I could go with. After deciding on the type of rod and components Dave put together an incredible rod for me. I was amazed on how it casted compared to all the upper end fly rods off the shelf I have used my whole life. It was aslo a rod that I got to design and the colors I wanted it. Dave was great to work with and makes a really nice product. I highly recommend him if you are thinking of building a custom rod.

Matthew Oneill

Another Happy Rod Owner

I just wanted to let you know that the rod showed up today.  I tore into the package like a kid on christmas day.  The rod is gorgeous!  It is exactly what I wanted.  The components look to be top notch and the assembly of them is perfect.  The rod seems to have a good back bone and a sensitve tip.  It is going to take all of my willpower not to sneak it out to the river for a test run. Thanks again for the beautiful work.  I will recommend you highly to my friends and next year when I can afford it you will hear from me again.
Kurt and Lauren Frey

Some Happy Customers

Dave of DL Custom Fishing Rods has made me a believer.

I had always purchased off the shelf rods, until recently, when I decided to have my own personal drift rod custom made. The quality of workmanship on this rod is phenomenal. I have a hard time looking at, let alone using my other rods anymore. In a world of high volume, low cost production, it's refreshing to know there are still true craftsmen who take pride in the quality of their product and workmanship. Dave is truly one of these fine craftsmen. I would highly recommend DL Custom Fishing Rods to anyone in the market for a quality fishing rod.

Thanks again Dave.

Rich Marcus


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